The Social Investment Fund

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Creating sustainable welfare solutions

The Social Investment Fund uses social impact investments as a tool to create new sustainable welfare solutions.

They invest in well-documented initiatives in areas such as homelessness, stress management, transition to adulthood for young people in care and much more. Common to all investments is that they have a high social benefit and at the same time provide a financial return that can be reinvested in new initiatives.

An imature market

But social impact investments have only just seen the light of day in Denmark, which is why there is a major task in maturing the market. This includes everything from developing contracts, dialogue with potential investors, municipalities and suppliers. It can be NGOs or private companies, politicians, professional organisations, etc.

"We have shown that social impact investments can create good and sustainable results. Now we are ready to take the next step and move from smaller and scattered investments to larger investment programmes where a high social return remains the driving force."

- Camilla Bjerre Damgaard, Fund Manager

Front-runner in the Nordics

Through 14 investments so far, the Social Investment Fund is helping to create a better life for more than 1.200 people and many families. And at the same time laying the foundation for even more people to receive help in the long term.

In addition, they have contributed to Denmark being one of the leading countries in the Nordic region when it comes to social investments.


Contact person

Camilla Bjerre Damgaard

Fund Manager