About Thoravej 29

We live in a society with many good intentions, yet not enough substantial change. We can do better. We have to do better.

That is why everything at Thoravej 29 centres around transforming society and mobilising those willing and able.

Thoravej 29 is a community, a professional network, and a meeting point for forward-thinking individuals and organisations shaping our present and future.

It’s a community for those who break free from habitual thinking and conventional hierarchies. For those who champion collaboration across disciplines, interests, and power dynamics.

Thoravej 29 is a place where good intentions materialise into real-life transformations. Here, the ultimate measure of success is always the positive change created for individuals and society.

At Thoravej 29, it’s rarely simple. But it’s always important.

The building on Thoravej 29

In 2025, the building on Thoravej 29 will set the stage for our community, a beacon for collective change in Copenhagen. But right now, its undergoing a major transformation.

Check out how the physical surroundings will be shaping our community.

Thoravej 29 at Lygten 39

While the ideal surroundings are taking form at Thoravej 29, our community is based at Lygten 39.

A place for experiments and continuous learning - to shape what is yet to come. A community dedicated to radical transformation.


Thoravej 29 is a community, a professional network, meeting point and a stage for new world-views. And much more.

Reach out if you want to hear more.