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A resource for rethinking communities with art at the centre

For the past 10 years, SMK Fridays has been the National Gallery of Denmark's outlet for experimentation and innovation. A series of events that aims to provide audiences with informal, inclusive art experiences in a mix of art, music, talks, film-screenings, food and drinks. It takes place at SMK every other month and is always free to join.

Now, they are ready for the next step. In the coming years, SMK Fridays will transform the National Gallery of Denmark into a national and international resource for rethinking art-centred communities and approaches to hosting.

SMK Fridays will be a core service, a learning engine and a laboratory for the museum, setting new standards for experimental art experiences and communication, both analogously and digitally.

Four strategic focus areas

SMK Fridays is currently working on four strategic initiatives: Diversity & Inclusion, Digital Experiences, The Learning Organisation and External Partnerships & International Development.

It is a journey exploring how to reach a wider audience and ensure that more people feel welcome and represented in the arts. In addition, SMK Fridays is rethinking their digital efforts and how this area can support diversity efforts. A journey that will be realised through new strong partnerships and external relationships.

SMK Fridays, GivSlip. Photo: Malthe Ivarsson


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Tobias Tøstesen

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