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Martine Jarlgaard works at the intersection of art, technology and sustainability, and leads global impact projects to accelerate positive human and systemic transformation.

With her latest impact project, EIWAZ TREE OF LIFE, Martine Jarlgaard contributed with biodiversity conservation and the planting of 200,000 mangrove and peatland trees. The project consists of an interactive art experience in which Yggdrasil, the World Tree from the Old Norse Mythology, is connected, through an AR experience, with real climate action.


Transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry

With more than +10 years of experience in London, Italy and Far East working with Vivienne Westwood, Diesel etc., Martine has fought to change the fashion industry's approach to sustainability and transparency. Previous impact innovation initiatives include the world’s first Blockchain-powered supply chain transparency fashion pilot, mixed reality fashion show at London Fashion Week and interactive self-perception experience and installation MEET YOURSELF at Louisiana. Projects which have led Forbes and Fast Company to call her a ‘technology pioneer’.


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