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Strengthens diverse voices and helps them leave a tangible impact on the world

Heidi Krumhardt advises people and organisations on how to articulate their unique narrative so they can become intelligible and personal storytellers. Heidi ended her membership i Thoravej 29 in february 2024, where she accepted the position as Advisor to the Royal Family of Denmark.

"Words can change the world, so it makes sense to choose them carefully."

- Heidi Krumhardt

Heidi Krumhardt has several years of experience as a leader, communications manager and counsellor, here amongst for HM Queen Mary and the director of the Mary Foundation, where Heidi served as Head of Communications for eight years.

The importance of words

Heidi believes that all change for people and society starts with a shared understanding. When we understand the same thing, then we can work together to make it a reality.

"When we want to make the world a better place, we need to engage in dialogue with the world around us. I facilitate this dialogue by putting the messages of change agents into clear, precise and personal words."

- Heidi Krumhardt


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Heidi Krumhardt