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Taking performing arts to new heights

HAUT is a catalyst for renewal in the performing arts field. They insist on giving space, time and support to the artistic process by offering room for artistic development through a wide range of residencies, knowledge and community activities. They let the audience meet the art in its raw form and they open the conversation to new perspectives that can create breakthroughs in the performing arts.

"HAUT wants to promote human sustainability in the performing arts industry by prioritising economic support for artistic inquiry and process"

- Betina Rex, Artistic Director
Photo: Louise Herrche Serup

The premisses of the art

HAUT works at the premises of the art and the artists. They do so in close dialogue with the performing arts environment nationally and internationally to ensure that HAUT is part of the constant development and innovation that takes place in the field. They generously share knowledge both through conversations, seminars and by anchoring it in physical publications.

Celebrating the process

With their biennial YC Festival, HAUT celebrates process and practice. The festival provides a space for choreographic work in process by artistic voices that challenge and expand our understanding of what the performing arts can be.

HAUT creates an international meeting place that allows artists and audiences to come together in conversations about the development of the performing arts.

Photo: Louise Herrche Serup
Photo: Louise Herrche Serup
Photo: Louise Herrche Serup

Driven by development and change

HAUT is for artists who are driven by change, work across genres, and are interested in development at all levels - both in their own artistic practice and for the performing arts in general. HAUT invites artists to take risks, develop their practice and insist on the value and integrity of art.

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