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Develops and anchors social initiatives

Fourth Sector is run by Robin Vickery, who helps social entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, foundations and municipalities develop and anchor social initiatives.

He wants to make society better at creating solutions at the intersection of municipalities, business and civil society. And all the other actors that can be part of the solution.

From citizen-led budgets to school development

For example, Robin is working on building a partnership between a civil society organisation and one of the danish regions. Or helping a municipality develop a method for working with citizen-led budgets for young people. A method that systematically works with young people's decision-making power and radically expands the toolbox in the municipality.

Fourth Sector also works to bring together 60+ organisations across research institutions, civil society and schools to develop the Danish primary school. They also help several civil society organisations to anchor their efforts when the funding runs out.

Close to practice

In general, Fourth Sector works with a close-to-practice approach, trying to influence systems from the bottom up. And always with the people in the centre.

"I work with an offset in the philosophy that when people need to be part of a transformation, new initiatives shouldn't land on their desk as a plan or a manual. They need to be part of the movement themselves."

- Robin Vickery, Founder


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Robin Vickery

Founder of Forth Sector