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An agency for socially engaged art

Another Public creates new ways for art to reach a wider audience and influence the conversation about how we organise ourselves as a society. This includes art exhibitions, art programmes and events in various public spaces.

Another Public sees art as something we as a society should share. Something that can encourage participation.

Crucial for a democratic society

Another Public doesn't necessarily see art as a force for change in and of itself. But it should be an important element in a broader transition towards a better society.

Art can do this by creating space for overlooked views and voices. And it can encourage dialogue between different population groups and challenge norms and power dynamics.

That's why Another Public's work is always based on an inclusive and non-elitist approach to art.

"Art is crucial in creating a better and more democratic society, where everyone has the opportunity to participate in the dialogue about how we organise ourselves."

- Robin Frederiksen, founder
The Future is Queer by Another Public with artist Pelle Brage

Displaced Artists Network: Supporting artists fleeing to Denmark

Another Public works on many projects. One of which is the Displaced Artists Network. A joint initiative between more than 30 partners from all over the country. The project was initiated with the aim of supporting artists who have fled to Denmark from the war in Ukraine. At the same time, it became a study of how the art scene as a whole can help to safeguard artists on the run and make them visible. Also from countries other than Ukraine.

"It is an important conversation given the significant increase in refugee flows we will experience in the future due to climate change. We need art to articulate flight and put it into perspective as a human condition." - Robin Frederiksen.


Art x Action: Giving children and young people a voice in the public space

Throughout 2023, Another Public has also spearheaded the art programme Art x Action, which gives children and young people a voice in public space. A project where the participants engage with the commercial images that they are exposed to on a daily basis and create a visual counterpoint in collaboration with various artists.

This is an important project because it motivates children and young people to express themselves through artistic expression and critically engage with the visual images they are bombarded with.

AUGMENT [X]. A piece by Esben Holk and students from Ringe Billedskole with virtual city-interventions to be experienced through an app. A part of Action. Photo: Maria Fonfara
The youth who sold the world. A piece by the artist duo Chaos Engine in collaboration with young students from Youth Center Højstrup, imitating the many ads we are exposed to in the public space. A part of Art x Action. Photo: Maria Fonfara

Art x Action is initiated and supported by Kulturregion Fyn and developed and realised by Another Public.


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Curator and founder