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A consultancy specialised in quantifying complexity

Analysis & Numbers map social phenomena and tendencies, measure attitudes and behaviour, and quantify digital and social movements.

Their work provides insight into complex topics such as volunteering, digital spaces, democracy and participation, the spread of hate speech, mis- and disinformation. They identify patterns and communicate their findings with precision and thoroughness.

"Without solid knowledge of the biggest challenges to democracy, we will never get closer to the right solutions"

- Amalia Montano Dahl, Partner

A democratic experiment

Analysis & Numbers work hard to support the movement for more democratic businesses in Denmark. They are an employee-owned and driven analyis and research company. A cooperative.

So, when you join Analysis & Numbers, you become an owner and an integral part of their business democracy. All regular employees are partners, recieve the same salary, and participate equally in all meetings and committees that shape and develop the company further.

There are not many democratic companies in Denmark. Which makes the day-to-day operation and growth of Analysis & Numbers an experiment that is lived every day.

Monitoring hate speech in public debate

Analysis & Numbers have many projects that feed the democratic conversation. Among other things, they have developed artificial intelligence to detect hate speech in digital public debate.

Their models are now being used to measure the temperature of public debate and propel the democratic conversations in cities across the Nordic region.

See a selection of the projects here: Publications


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