Lygten 39

The building that will house our community in the future is undergoing a major transformation. That’s why we are currently based at Lygten 39 in Copenhagen's Northwest area.

Here, we are starting new collaborations and experimenting with the physical environment, events and formats to shape what is yet to come – a community dedicated to radical transformation.

In 2025, we will relocate to the building on Thoravej 29, the location picked to propel our development and innovation.

Foto: Sebastian Stigsby

Experiments and learnings

At Lygten 39, we are experimenting with the physical environment and exploring how to best lay the groundwork for collaborations across disciplines, hierarchies and lived experiences.

That way we will have a solid starting point as we transition to Thoravej 29 in the beginning of 2025.

A committed professional community

Our community already consists of forward-thinking people and organisations ready to take action. While many members come from the social sector and world of arts, we are also joined by opinion makers, a research agency, and many more.

We are here to work together across disciplines, perspectives, and power dynamics to collectively evolve each other and the society we are part of.

Community members

Thoravej 29 is a selective and committed community for people and organisations that share the ambition to foster genuine, positive change in society.